June 4 – Tribeca Community Fair

            on West Broadway from Barclay – Warren Street

            June 5 – International Cultures Festival

            on 6th Avenue from 42nd – 57th Street

            June 5 – Bleecker Street Festival

            on Bleecker Street from 7th to 8th Avenue

            June 5 – Lexington Avenue Festival

            on Lexington Ave. from 42nd to 34th Street

            June 6 – 3rd Avenue Community Benefit Festival

            on 3rd Avenue from 86th to 66th Streets

            June 6 – 2nd Avenue Fair

            on Second Avenue from 14th – 23rd Street

            June 6 – Queens Pridefest

            on 37th Road from 73rd to 77th Streets

            June 6 – 17th Annual Spring Crafts Festival Broadway

            on 66th to 72nd Streets on west side of Broadway

            June 12 – Bleecker Street Festival

            on Bleecker Street from 7th to 6th Avenue

            June 11 – Tribeca Food Festival

            on West Broadway from Beach – Leonard Street

            June 12 – Brooklyn Pride Festival

            on Prospect Park West from 15th to 9th Streets

            June 12 – First Avenue Festival

            on First Avenue from 79th to 68th Streets

            June 12 – Lower Third Avenue Summer Festival

            on 3rd Avenue from 6th – 14th Street

            June 12 & 13 – Armonk Lion’s Club 36th Annual Fol-De-Rol

            Armonk, NY (Westchester County)

            June 13 – Forest Hills Festival of the Arts

            on Austin Street from 69th to 72nd Road

            June 13 – Grand Avenue Festival

            on Grand Avenue from 65th to 72nd Street

            June 13 – New York City Expo

            on 3rd Avenue from 23rd – 34th Street

            June 13 – Plantathon & Crafts Fair

            on 73rd to 86th Street on Broadway 

            June 19 – 3rd Avenue Festival

            on 3rd Avenue from 14th to 6th Street

            June 19 – Times Square Expo

            on Broadway from 47th – 57th Street

            June 19 – Waverly Place Festival

            on Waverly from Broadway to 5th Avenue

            June 20 – Christopher Street Festival

            on Christopher St. from 7th to Greenwich Ave.

            June 20 – The Turtle Bay Festival

            on Lexington Avenue from 42nd – 54th Street

            June 20 – 20th Annual Columbus Avenue Summer Festival

            on Columbus Ave from 86th to 96th Sts

            June 21 – Solstice in Times Square

            7th Ave between 43rd & 44th Sts

            June 25 – Grand Central Station Festival

            on 43rd St. from Lexington – 3rd Avenue

            June 26 – BAMRA Bleecker Street Festival

            on Bleecker from Broadway to 6th Ave.

            June 26 – 6th Avenue Summerfest

            on 6th Avenue from 23rd – 33rd Street

            June 27 – 23rd Street Festival

            on 23rd Street from 8th to 7th Avenue

            June 27 – Times Square Block Party

            on 46th Street from Broadway – 8th Avenue

            June 27 – Bronx Week 3rd Avenue Festival

            on 3rd Avenue from 153rd to 149th Street

Aqui teneis el mercadillo de la 7ª Avenue donde las féminas Gorgonzola compraron todo tipo de cosas.

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