July 3 – 6th Avenue Festival

on 6th Avenue from 23rd to 14th Street

 July 3 – USO – Avenue of the Americas Summerfest

USO – Avenue of the Americas Summerfest

 July 4 – Lexington Avenue Festival

on Lexington Ave. from 42nd to 34th Street

 July 4 – The Great July 4th Festival

on Water St from Fulton – Broad Street

 July 9 – Financial Community Day Festival

on Broad St. from Water – South Street

 July 10 – Bleecker Street Festival

on Bleecker Street from 7th to 6th Avenue

 July 10 – Woodside Festival 

on Woodside Ave. from 63rd St. to Roosevelt Ave.

 July 10 – Park Avenue Summerfest

on Park Avenue South from 17th – 23rd Street

 July 11 – 30th Avenue Astoria Festival

on 30th Avenue from Steinway to 29th Street

 July 11 – NYC Celebration of Nations Festival

on Madison Avenue from 42nd – 57th Street

 July 11 – Bastille Day Festival

on 60th Street from 5th Avenue to Lexington Avenue

 July 17 – 14th Street Festival

on 14th Street from 8th Avenue to 7th Avenue

 July 17 – East Side Summer Festival

on Lexington Avenue from 42nd – 57th Street

 July 17 – Siren Music Festival

on 10th St/Stillwell Ave from Surf Ave to The Boardwalk, Coney


 July 17 – East Village Festival

on 8th from 14th Street to Astor Place

 July 18 – Broadway Movie Day Festival

on Broadway from 47th Street to 57th Street

 July 18 – NYC Unfolds Street Fair     

on Broadway from Houston – Grand Street

 July 18 – Manhattan Avenue Festival

on Manhattan Avenue from Bedford to Greenpoint

 July 24 – Greenwich Avenue Festival

on Greenwich Avenue from 6th Ave to 7th Ave

 July 24 – Vanderbilt YMCA 2nd Avenue Festival

on Second Avenue from 55th to 42nd Street

 July 24 – Washington Sq. Summer Fair

on Bleecker St. from Broadway – 6th Ave

 July 24 – Central Park Summerfest

on 60th St. from Madison – 5th Ave

 July 25 – Broadway Summerfest

on Broadway (Queens) from Steinway Street to 47th Street

 July 25 – Theatre District Festival

on 47th Street from 9th Ave to 8th Ave

 July 25 – 52nd Association Jazz Festival

on 52nd Street from Lexington – 7th Avenue

 July 30 – Manhattan Youth Fair

on Greenwich St. from Barclay – Chambers Street

 July 31 –  Festival of the Americas

on 6th Avenue from 42nd – 56th Street

 July 31 – Waverly Place Festival

on Waverly from Broadway to 5th Ave

 July 31 – 23rd Street Festival

on 23rd Street from 9th Ave to 8th Ave

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