(Y Festivales y Eventos)




             October 1 – Grand Central Fall Festival

            on 43rd St. from Lexington – 3rd Avenue

            October 2 – Union Square Autumn Fair

            on Broadway from 17th – 23rd Street

            October 2 – 63rd Drive Festivalo

            n 63rd Drive from Austin Street to Queens Blvd.

            October 2 – Washington Place Festival

            on Washington Place from MacDougal to Grove Street

            October 3 – Forest Hills Austin Street Festival

            on Austin Street from 69th to 72nd Road

            October 3 – N.Y.C. Oktoberfest

            on Lexington Avenue from 42nd – 57th Street

            October 3 – 22nd Annual Upper Broadway Harvest Festival

            on Broadway, 96th to 110th Sts.

            October 8 – Christopher Columbus Block Party

            on Murray Street from Broadway – Church Street

            October 9 – 3rd Avenue «Bronx» Fall Festival

            on 3rd Avenue from 156th to 149th Street

            October 9 – West 4th Street Festival

            on West 4th Street from 6th Ave to University

            October 9 – Avenue of The Americas Family Expo

            On 6th Avenue from 42nd – 56th Street

            October 10 – Astor Place Festival

            on Astor Place from Lafayette to Broadway

            October 10 – Steinway Street Festival

            on Steinway Street from 34th Ave to 28th Ave

            October 10 – 19th Annual Broadway Fall Festival

            on Broadway, 86th to 96th Sts.

            October 10 – Eighth Avenue Autumn Festival

            on 8th Avenue from 42nd – 57th Street

            October 11 – Greenpoint Avenue Festival

            on Greenpoint Avenue from Queens Blvd. to 44th St

            October 11 – Columbus Day Festival

            on Broadway from Liberty St. – Battery Pl. & on Whitehall St. from

            Stone – Water Street

            October 15 – Financial Community Day Festival Series

            Broad St. from Water – South

            October 16 – Greenwich Avenue Festival

            on Greenwich Avenue from 6th to 7th Avenue

            October 16 – Washington Square Festival

            on Waverly Pl. from Broadway – MacDougal Street

            October 16 – 18th Annual Upper Broadway Fall Festival

            on Broadway, 110the to 116th Sts. 

            October 17 – Main Street Islip Fall Festival

            on Main Street from Rte 111 to Smith Ave

            October 17 – The Great Third Avenue Fair

            on 3rd Avenue from 23rd – 34th Street

            October 23 – Bleecker Street Festival

            on Bleecker from Lafayette to Laguardia

            October 23 – Union Square Fall Fair

            on Park Avenue South from 17th – 23rd St.

            October 23 – 36th Annual Americana Jazz Festival

            on 52nd Street, Fifth to Seventh Aves.

            October 24 – 36th Avenue Astoria Festival

            on 36th Avenue from 35th to 29th Street

            October 24 – Times Square Autumn Carnival

            on Broadway from 47th – 57th Street

            October 30 – A.D.A.’s World’s Largest Block Party

            on Madison Avenue from 42nd – 57th Street

            October 30 – West 4th Street Festival

            on West 4th Street from Washington Sq. East to Lafayette

            October 31 – 6th Avenue Autumn Fair

            on 6th Avenue from 34th – 42nd Street

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