AGOSTO 2010


            August 1 – Columbus Avenue Fair

            on Columbus Avenue from 72nd to 66th Street

             August 1 – Junction Blvd. Festival

            on Junction Blvd. from Roosevelt to 35th Ave

             August 1 – The C.O.R.E. Health Expo

            on Broadway from 47th – 57th Street

             August 6 – Financial Community Day Series

            on Fulton St. from Water – Ryders Alley

             August 7 – JAMS Jamaica Avenue Festival

            on Jamaica Ave from Parsons Blvd. to 169th St.

             August 7 – LaGuardia Place Festival

            on LaGuardia Place from Houston to 4th Street

             August 7 – Greenwich Village Festival

            on Greenwich Avenue from 6th – 7th Avenue

                        August 8 – 60th Street Festival

            on 60th Street from 5th to Madison Avenue

             August 8 – Lexington Avenue Summerfest

            on Lexington Avenue from 42nd – 57th Street

             August 14 – University Place Festival

            on University Place from Waverly Place to 14th Street

             August 14 – 6th Avenue Festival

            on 6th Avenue from 23rd to 14th Street

             August 14 – Summer Seaport Festival

            on Water Street from Fulton – Broad Street

             August 15 – 31st Street Astoria Festival

            on 31st Street from Ditmars Blvd. to 21st Ave.

             August 15 – Allerton Avenue “Bronx” Festival

            on Allerton Avenue from White Plains to Boston Road

             August 15 – Madison Avenue Summer Fair

            on Madison Avenue from 42nd – 57th Street

             August 20 – Grand Central Summer Festival

            on 43rd Street from Lexington – 3rd Avenue

             August 21 – Bleecker Street Festival

            on Bleecker Street from 7th Ave to 6th Ave

             August 21 – The Great Irish Festival

            on 6th Avenue from 42nd – 56th Street

             August 21 – Westchester Avenue Festival

            on Westchester Avenue from Bergen to 3rd Avenue

             August 22 – Daytop Madison Avenue Festival

            on Madison Avenue from 42nd to 57th Street

             August 22 – Third Avenue Merchandise Fair

            on 3rd Avenue from 23rd – 34th Street

             August 28 – Central Islip Festival

            on Carleton Avenue from No.Research to So. Research

             August 28 – West 4th Street Festival

            on West 4th Street from 6th Ave to University

             August 28 – Dag Hammarskjold Festival

            on 2nd Ave. from 45th – 57th Street

             August 29 – Amsterdam Avenue Festival

            on Amsterdam Avenue from 76th to 86th Street

             Aug 29 – Big Apple Performing Arts Festival

            on Broadway from 47th – 57th Street

             August 31 – Welcome Back To Columbia University

            on 120th St. from Broadway – Amsterdam Ave



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