Adjective        Prep.               Translation                          Sentence


Aware              Of                    Ser consciente de                  She was not aware of the problem

Good               Of /for / with     Bueno para , con    She was very  good of him. /whisky is very good  heart./ she’s very goood with children 

Experienced     At                    Experimentado en                  He’s experienced at bungee jumping

Responsible      For             Responsable de una accion          Who is responsible for this?

Liable               For / to             Responsable de un daño/tener tendencia        Tobacco is liable for damage in my lungs. / my car is liable to overheat

Commensurate    With              Estar de acuerdo                   My mark is not commensurate with my exam

Capable           Of                    Capaz de                               He’s not capable of driving my car

Incompatible     With                 Incompatible                          My tie is  incompatible with my shirt

Adept               At                    Habil                                     He is adept at cooking

Lacking            In                     Falto                                     I was totally lacking  in energy

Typical             Of                    Tipico,caracteristico               This conduct isn’t typical of you!

Applicable        To                    Aplicable                               This law is not applicable to me

Qualified           In / to               Cualificado                            He’s very qualified in aeronautics / I’m not qualified to teach English

Involved           In / whith          Involucrado/implicado            We were involved in an accident / he is involved with another woman

Adequate         To / for             Adecuado /apropiado            There isn’t adequate solution to the problem

Eligible             For                   Tener derecho a                    We are eligible for a tax rebate

Expert              In / on              Experto                                 He’s an expert in wines / she’s an expert on Maths

Worthy             Of                    Merecedor                            His thesis was worthy of a special mention

Sensitive           To                    Sensible                                 He’s very sensitive to the cold

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