September 3 – Financial Community Day Festival Series

            on Greenwich St. from Barclay – Warren Street

             September 4 – Fourth Avenue Festival

            on Fourth Ave. from 14th to 8th Street

             September 4 – 52nd Street Fall Festival

            on 52nd Street from Lexington – 7th Ave

             September 4 – Greenpoint Avenue Festival

            on Greenpoint Avenue from Queens Blvd. to 44th St

             September 5 – Broadway Festival

            on Broadway from 8th Street to 14th Street

             September 5 – The 26th Annual Brazilian Day Festival

            on 6th Ave. from 42nd – 56th St. & on 46th St. from Madison – 7th


             September 5 – Ronkonkoma «Long Island» Festival

            on Hawkins Ave. from Portion Rd. to Wittredge St.

             September 6 – 30th Avenue Astoria Festival

            on 30th Avenue from 29th Street to 41st Street

             September 6 – M.E.C.A. Family Festival

            on Lexington Avenue from 34th – 42nd Street

             September 10 – Fulton Street Follies

            on Fulton Street from Water – Gold Street

             September 11 – 37th Avenue Festival

            on 37th Avenue from 89th to 83rd Street

             September 11 – 8th Avenue Festival

            on 8th Avenue from 14th to 23rd Street

             September 11 – Gramercy Park Neighborhood Summer Festival

            on 3rd Avenue from 14th – 23rd Street

            September 12 – 3rd Avenue Community Benefit Festival

            on 3rd Avenue from 86th to 66th Street

             September 12 – Tudor City Festival

            on Lexington Avenue from 42nd – 52nd Street

             September 12 – Fordham Road Festival

            on Fordham Road from Morris to Kingsbridge

             September 16-26 – Feast of San Gennaro

            on Mulberry St (betw Canal & Houston) and Mott St in Little Italy

             September 18 – Bleecker Street Festival

            on Bleecker Street from 8th to 7th Avenue

             September 18 – Woodside Festival

            on Woodside Ave. from 63rd St. to Roosevelt Ave.

             September 18 – Guardian Angels Fair

            on Broadway from 47th – 57th Street

             September 19 – Myrtle Avenue Festival

            on Myrtle Avenue from Fresh Pond to Wyckoff

             September 19 – Eighth Avenue Fall Festival

            on 8th Avenue from 42nd – 57th St.

             September 24 – Murray Street Festival

            on Murray Street from Broadway to Church Street

             September 24 – N.Y.C. Police Museum Festival

            on Old Slip from Water – South St.

             September 25 – Greenwich Avenue Festival

            on Greenwich Avenue from 6th to 7th Avenue

             September 25 – 17th Annual Upper Broadway Autumn Festival

            Broadway, 110-116 Sts.

             September 25 – Broadway Autumn Fair

            on Broadway from Waverly Pl.- 14th Street

             September 25 – Jerome Avenue Festival

            on Jerome Avenue from Moshulu to Gun Hill Road

             September 26 – Broadway Astoria Festival

            on Broadway (Queens) from Steinway to Crescent Street

             September 26 – Lexington Avenue Fall Festival

            on Lexington Avenue from 34th – 42nd Street

             September 26 – 92 Street Y Lexington Avenue Festival

            on Lexington Avenue from 96th to 79th Street

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